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US and Canadian Organisations:

  • (AALAS) – Non-profit which promotes animal welfare by certification of animal lab technicians and veterinary staff. ()
  • (APS) – A US non-profit devoted to fostering education and research in the physiological sciences. Also check their . ()
  • (AMP) – Provides support for those involved in animal-based research, and public information on the issue. ()
  • – Produced by APS, this website answers many common questions about animal research.
  • – Canadians for Health Research is a national not-for-profit organization founded in 1976 to promote an appreciation of health research issues, scientific processes and their impact.  Their website covers many examples of the importance of animal research.
  • (CCAC) – National organization responsible for settings, maintaining and overseeing standards of animal ethics and science throughout Canada.
  • (FASEB) – The largest coalition of biomedical researchers in the USA, representing 23 scientific societies and over 100,000 researchers from around the world.()
  • (FBR) – US NGO supporting animal research. ()
  • – Website aimed at children and teachers of K6-K12.
  • – Since 1946 the Lasker foundation has awarded annual prizes to scientists who have made outstanding contributions to medicine.
  • (PRIM&R ) – Advancing Ethical Research through Education and Policy.
  • – The largest neuroscience society in the world, this website discusses many examples of how animal research has contributed to the understanding of the brain and nervous system and the development of new therapies. ()
  • (SUBR) – A US network of non-profit associations that promote health through education. Click to find the organisation in your state. ()

UK Organisations:

  • (NC3Rs) – A UK organisation funded by the government with a responsibility to research and distribute good practice on the 3Rs ()
  • – A UK-based student run organization supporting animal research (no longer active)
  • (UAR) – Leading British NGO supporting animal testing, merger of CMP and RDS. Fantastic resources. Check out it’s . ().

European Organisations: (excluding UK)

  • – Organisation which collects support from individuals and organisations to support transparency in animal research ()
  • (EARA) – New organisation dedicated to increasing understanding of animal research across Europe ()
  • (FELASA) – Non-profit which promotes animal welfare in Europe
  • – A French organization which explains the role of animals in medical research ()
  • – An Italian organization established in 2012 to support animal research.
  • – German organization founded in 2015 to support animal Research
  • – An Italian organisation set up in 2015 to advocates for animal research in Italy.
  • (SID) – Dutch organisation providing information about animal research in the Nethelands ()

International Websites and Organisations:

  • (AAALAC) – Non-profit which promotes the humane treatment of animals in science by offering accreditation and assessment of research institutions worldwide. ()
  • – One of the most comprehensive websites for information on the contribution of animal research.
  • – UAR run this website that reports on documented cases of extremism.
  •  – A public information initiative founded by leading global nonprofit organizations working to advance brain research, which seeks to share what neuroscientists know, explore what they don’t yet know fully, and discuss how today’s research advances understanding. ()
  • (JoVE) – a peer reviewed, free access, online journal devoted to the publication of biological research, including animal research, in a video format. ()
  • – Lists many of the most important discoveries made through animal research since 1901

Some recommended blogs:-fake id boston

  • – A blog hosted by States United for Biomedical Research and written by student contributors ()
  • – NIH-funded researcher who blogs about varying aspects of science ()
  • – Orac posts on all manner of science ()
  • – The blog of David Jentsch, founder of Pro-Test for Science. ()